Slate Stairs Stripped and Restored

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Dull, Damaged, Chalky-Looking Slate

This Sydney homeowner’s natural slate stairway had efflorescence, a condition in which salts and minerals seep up through the stone via moisture, then evaporate, leaving a chalky, dusty white layer embedded on the surface of the slate. Significantly sized chips on two of the slate tiles were not only unsightly, but also presenting a trip and fall hazard.

Our Slate Repair and Restoration Process

First, we stripped the slate to remove any sealers. After thoroughly hand-cleaning the stairs and extracting deeply embedded dirt and debris, we blended tinted epoxy to match the existing stone and filled in the chipped slate. Once it was completely dry, we applied a penetrating color enhancing sealer to the entire stairway, bringing out the natural color of the slate. The stairs looked stunning when we were finished.

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